Take a break from your winter decor

3. Lighten up on the textiles

Just as we use fabrics and texture to warm things up in winter, the reverse applies in the warmer

months. There’s no need to do away with throws in spring – simply exchange them for their

lightweight counterparts. Velvet remains very en vogue but a light, breathable cotton or linen

scatter cushion is far more inviting on a hot, sunny day.

Speaking of letting in fresh air and sunshine – sheer curtains do just this whilst creating a light and

airy feeling. If, however, you have a room that receives too much sun you could use block out

curtains to keep your cool.

Your bedding also needs a spring makeover. Whilst packing away your winter sheeting and blankets,

consider a new duvet cover – choose light fabrics like linen and cotton.

Don’t forget your soaking sanctuary – if, like me, you like to exchange your bubbly tub for a fresh

shower when things get hot, invest in some lightweight Turkish bath towels. If you’re a rookie, you’ll

be forgiven for assuming it would be like drying yourself with a giant dishtowel. Try it – you won’t be


Hygge is hibernating. Let the sun shine in!


Article by Audrey Maidwell

She is an interior decorator and owner of Second Chance Furniture &

Décor at Sylviavale Heritage Village situated in Vanderbijlpark.

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