Take a break from your winter decor

Draw back the curtains, open the windows and doors and let in the natural sunlight and fresh air; for spring is here. These blinds work great when seeking to control the amount of light coming into a space. By way of instance, you want some sunlight shining through your windows but do not want the sun to undergo all the way to the ground useful reference. A semi closed off will enable the sun’s rays to get through but also block additional light coming through the window.Just as you take a break from your winter wardrobe, so too should you take a break from your chunky,warm winter decor. Follow these guidelines to freshen up your space:

1. Let there be flowers

Monet said, “I must have flowers, always, always”. Well who am I to argue, especially at this time of

year? Flowers in vases are a classic décor accessory. Give this classic a fresh take by using

alternatives to regular vases. Try bottles, jugs, test tubes, mason jars or cans. In addition to the real

thing, you can incorporate a mix of floral patterned accessories – scatter cushions, curtains, duvet

covers, wallpaper or artworks.

Changing your scatter cushions is a quick, reasonably affordable way to update your look. Create an

eclectic fresh look by mixing and matching colours and pattern. Start with a plain scatter in your

chosen shade, add a striped or trellised pattern, and complete the look with a bold floral pattern.

Whilst evaluating you scatter cushion needs (yes , it is a need) don’t forget your outdoor cushions.

Florals are, of course, not just Springy due to their aesthetic value, their scent is what truly sets the

mood. After all – isn’t it the whiff in the air one of the first clues that Winter is ending? Spread

spring’s breath throughout your home by adding tropical and citrusy scents in the form of candles

and diffusers.

2. Keep colours cool

Spring is associated with bright colours, as seen in nature. While you’re adding bright pops of

colour, guard against making your interior space feel warmer than you’d like it to while the mercury

rises outside. Orange, red and yellow certainly are bright and happy, but they are ‘warm’ colours

which, accordingly, create a sense of coziness and intimacy – better suited to the cooler months. A

similar effect is created by dark colours such as bottle green and navy.

If you’d prefer a sense of cool and calm, opt for cool colours like pale blues, greens and lilacs,

synonymous with water and sky. Think duck egg blue, seafoam green and lavender (don’t you feel

cool and calm just thinking about them?). Feel free to add some bright accent colours like turquoise

and coral.

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