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The infrastructure for fibre optic cables is currently being installed and expected completion date is November 2018.  This is great news for residents and sellers alike as it is a welcome technological advance within the estate. Edge Telecoms has been hard at work and will be working around the estate the next few weeks. The planned implementation of the project will occur in 5 phases of which phase 1 is currently in progress and includes the installation of the fibre network.  Phase 2 includes testing of the network upon installation completion.  Phase 3 will consist of FREE Home Connection Installations, within a certain time frame. Edge Telecoms will create a booking portal which allows residents to make bookings for installations.  Edge Telecoms will forward a link to the Estate Manager once this stage is implemented.  Detailed information about the installation can be obtained from Edge Telecoms directly. Phase 4 consists of the network activation run through DFA.  The last phase involves the user to select an internet service provider from the approved list and they will initiate the last steps.There you have a secure, funky, up to date Vaal River estate with the latest techonology at your fingertips! Such good news.


We are pleased to announce that the private school being erected is attracting multiple potential buyers from around Gauteng.  With the demand for quality education over recent years, a large number of student applications are expected; making Riverspray Estate the ideally located home  for safe commuting to and from this private school.  However, this estate offers learners a lot more than just security –  tennis courts, sports field and a mashy golf course are available for kids as well as 16 ha of open nature to walk or run on a daily basis.


The estate is busy forming its own character, community and neighborhood as a life style estate, as was originally intended. The current number of established houses : 73  –  with only 198 stands still available to build. Re-sales are available, should you wish to make use of the opportunity to buy your stand, before prices sky rocket. Contact us today – we are on show at the estate every day of the week!

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