Beware before paying! New intercepted invoice scam

Please make sure before electronically paying your deposit on your new home to the conveyancing attorney.

According to consumer journalist Wendy Knowler on 702’s ConsumerTalk conveyancing attorneys have been heavily targeted and banking group Investec recently issued a warning to its clients about the invoice scam.

Scammers obtain email addresses of companies which routinely email invoices to their customers for payment. They then hack the email account; intercept an invoice-containing email to the client; then change the banking details to their own bank account. (The fraudster’s bank account contains a fraudulent ID and proof of address; so the fraudster is, therefore, untraceable.)

The scammers then create an email address almost identical to the genuine address, and send it on to the client, who pays the fraudster and not the company they owe the money to.

Never pay somebody without phoning first to verify the banking details!! 

Do not create beneficiary details until you verify the account details – call the conveyancer on an independently sourced contact number, not one off a potentially compromised invoice.

Do not click reply to an email when you are sending important information. Instead create a new email and find the person you want to send to in your email address book. That way you avoid replying to a fake email address that looks similar.

Regard any mails requesting a change of banking details with suspicion and again: never use banking details provided in an email, unless you have confirmed authenticity.

Stay safe.


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