What is the worth of my Vaal River home?

Jan 25th, 2016 by Annalien in Advice to sellers, Property market

Vaal River properties of all shapes and sizes are immensely popular and in demand. However, if you want to know what the majority of buyers are looking for, here are the most requested aspects that will give added value to your river property:

  1. Boatable water.
  2.  9 out of 10 buyers are looking for close proximity to the water and river views.
  3. The amount of river frontage adds to the value of the property.
  4. Condition of the buildings on the property; neat, clean, decluttered (inside and out) add to the value.
  5. Proximity to towns.
  6. Quality of access roads.
  7. All forms of security.

A word on pricing:

Establishing the correct value for your property is essential when you want to sell. If you feel that you should put your house on the market at a slightly higher price than what it is worth, you are making a serious error. Buyers will be put off and not return, your property will get a reputation, your property will actually make other competing properties look better, buyers may not be able to get a loan. In the end you may be forced to accept a price below it’s actual worth. Beware of agents wanting to secure your mandate by quoting  an over inflated price, they may be stroking your ego, but are not doing you any favours.

We have been active in the Vaal River property market for 15 years now and have a huge amount of properties on our books. We are, therefore, more than qualified to be able to give you an estimation of your property’s market value right now.Write us at annalien@annalien.com if you want to know what your Vaal River home is worth; it is a free service that we provide.



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