What is rezoning and subdivision?

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Zoning means the way a property has been registered in terms of its uses and rights, ie the right to use it as residential, for  agriculture, or for business practices or industrial.

Each of these categories are subdivided into 4 sub categories indicating the density of buildings allowed on the property. Eg:

Residential 1: is the zoning which stipulates that properties can have a density of only one dwelling per stand i.e.​ a house.

Residential 2: allows a density of between 10 and 20 dwellings per hectare, bearing in mind that a hectare is 10 000 square metres (or just under 2.5 acres).

Residential 3: permits a density of between 21 and 40 dwellings per hectare, and is therefore usually used for cluster or townhouse complexes..

If you want to change the use of a property from, say residential to business or from Res 1 to Res 2​, you will have to rezone and probably subdivide the property into smaller plots, each with their own title deed or sectional title.

Rezoning and subdividing are lengthy and expensive processes and can take years. You will need the help of an attorney, a town planner, an architect, a land surveyor, and all the various local authorities involved.

We have a list of telephone numbers of all of the above, if you need assistance in this regard. Just give us a call on 083 421 7727

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