What is the Loch in the Vaal River?

vaal river sunset

Loch is a Scottish word for a lake. It indicates a landlocked piece of sea or a bay, according to Webster’s dictionary. And that is exactly what the ‘Loch” at Loch Vaal is; a landlocked piece of water. Its visible on our map of the Vaal River.

This landlocked ‘lake’ was formed because the water was dammed up by the barrage wall and therefore the water formed a sort of dam or lake, before it flows through the barrage wall. The Vaal River is, therefore, actually a reservoir, and it is 64km long with an average depth of 4,5 m. Although the water at the Loch is much shallower.

Around this inland bay, called Loch Vaal, we have several beautiful weekend houses with their own private river frontages and also developments like Shores of Loch Vaal, Bishop’s Bay, Waterford Golf Estate. This area is used for many recreational activities and many holiday resorts, restaurants and holiday accommodation facilities. It is a wonderful place to spend weekends with family and friends.

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