These yellow beacons on your Vaal river property, what do they indicate?

May 3rd, 2013 by Annalien in Advice to buyers, FAQs, Vaal river info


It is a popular myth on the Vaal river that the yellow Rand Water beacons on a river property indicate where the flood line is. These yellow poles specifically do NOT indicate the flood line. They actually indicate the beginning of Rand Water’s property!

The history behind these yellow beacons is that in 1923 Rand Water bought out a marginal strip of land all along the riverbank and they have a title deed indicating actual ownership of a strip of land on every property along the river. Therefore, if one erects any structure on the strip of land after these beacons, towards the water, you’ve built the structure on somebody else’s property (Rand Water’s in this case) and it is therefore illegal and can be removed by the rightful owner.

The flood line (actual building line) is usually much higher and there are no physical Rand Water indications on any property to show the flood line. Owners need to contact Rand Water to find out where the flood line on any specific property is, or phone us, your river property specialists, for any queries along the Vaal River.

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