Ever wondered exactly where the deep water or boatable spots are located on the Vaal river

Oct 3rd, 2012 by Annalien in Advice to buyers, FAQs, Vaal river info

As river property consultants we generally have two types of clients looking for a weekend place; those who mainly want to take part in motorised water sports and those who have a need for peace and quiet. Fortunately there are spots to be found to satisfy these diverse recreational needs.

The question we get asked the most is “where do you find deep water on the Vaal river?”  The reason for this question being, of course, to be able to launch your boat there.

Well, let us start at Parys and go upstream, which is in a general easterly direction, and here’s where you’ll find the deep water or boatable spots:

  • Just 5 km east of Parys there is a stretch of river (about 10km at the most) that is fit for motorboats;
  • Continuing  more upstream to the little village of Vaaloewer, you will find a private stretch of about 4.5 km of dammed up water where permit holders are allowed to boat;
  • Very close to the barrage there is another 4km strip of deep, but rather rocky river;
  • Then of course right from the barrage (which is actually like a wall in the river with gates in) going upstream for about 52 kilometers you have deep, dammed up water right up to the Lethabo weir – which is where you can see those huge cooling towers of Lethabo power station from far away;
  • Right after the Lethabo weir (which is like a wall across the river) you will find another strecth of deep water again for about 17 kilometers;
  • And the last bit of deep water on the river is to be found just below the Vaal dam wall.
  • You will also find boatable strips west of Parys towards Potchefstroom and Orkney.

If you know of other strips that were not mentioned here, we would very much like to hear about them! If you want to know about the properties at these boatable areas, please contact us.  If you want to know which side of the river is the best, have a look at this blog post: Free Sate versus Gauteng.

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