4 Reasons to own property on the Vaal River

Dec 22nd, 2010 by Christian in Property market

1 Always in demand

Vaal river properties have always been in huge demand; and it is no secret why – this river is the biggest water body in the province of Gauteng and the Gauteng folk love their water sports, be it motor boating or just quietly angling.

2 Getaway

The allure is to have your week-end house close by to leave your boat and your toothbrush behind when you have to go back to the city. And of course, the fact that this wonderful place is at the same time a very lucrative investment makes it all the more exciting.

3 Solid investment

River properties have not followed the recent downward trend of residential markets – it has, in fact, increased in value and the reason is not hard to find: God only made so much river and He is not making any more, so the demand will always outstrip the supply!

4 Wide variety

You can choose from:

  • Properties on golf courses and complexes;
  • Free standing houses on huge plots;
  • On the main river or below the barrage;
  • In the hustle and bustle or at a quiet nature spot;
  • From R450k to R20 mill;

The river week-end property you always wanted is just a click away…

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